Hi, I'm MCL!

(Or Michelle Christina Larsen, if you want to be fancy about it.)

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I’ve spent 10+ stylish (and yes, slightly geeky) years honing my skills as one of New York’s leading women’s fashion copywriters.

Since you’re here, I’m guessing you’re on the hunt for a copywriter to create some irresistible product descriptions, high-converting email campaigns, punchy sales copy, or double-tap-worthy social media captions.

If so, you’re in the right place—and bravo for being ahead of the curve and focusing on high-quality copy!

Good copy creates an incredible moment of connection between brand and customer. It presents a chance to convey brand ethos, emotion, excitement… and even a little bit of magic.

Copy should tell a brand’s story while inspiring the customer, establishing trust, and creating a moment of ”must-have” thrill. If your products are amazing (which I’m sure they are), you need the right words to express that in a modern, increasingly digital marketplace.  

But what makes me the expert?

I’ve worked with globally recognized fashion brands and retailers including Cushnie et Ochs, Victoria’s Secret, Intermix, John Varvatos, Tiffany & Co., and Refinery29.

I’ve worked with brilliant mentors, huge corporations, thriving small businesses, game-changing startups, and a wide range of professionals in the industry.

I’m also a graduate of the Fashion Institute of Technology’s Fashion Design program. I infuse my love of style, trend-tracking, and innovation into each project. In fact, I was recently featured in an interview by the F.I.T. Alumni Association!

My training gives me a technical edge when identifying and illuminating key product details, and my experience has allowed me to see the industry shift and develop over the course of nearly a decade.

So why is copy suddenly so important?

Copy has always been crucial, but modern copy takes on a brand new kind of challenge. Customers are now more mindful of language and communication with brands than ever. When they shop, they want to form a relationship and support a brand they believe in rather than simply seek the lowest price. 

They want to feel understood and empathized with—not pressured into a sale.

Not surprisingly, more customers than ever are also turning to the internet to make their most important purchases.

Copy that reflects your target customer’s values and vernacular is the fastest and most potent way to establish that connection.

A good copywriter can…

  • Set you miles ahead of your competition, positioning you as the go-to brand in your niche

  • Convert sales across a diverse range of platforms, from inbox to newsfeed

  • Help your product resonate with your target customer

  • Optimize your brand with keywords, so you’ll be found repeatedly in organic search

…among other things.

So yes, I promise it’s going to pay off.

But! You probably have some questions, too, like:

  • Is it really worth it to pay for a copywriter?

  • How do I know I’m hiring a pro?

  • How can I make sure a copywriter captures my brand voice?

These are all good questions, and you’re a dang smart cookie to even be asking them.

Whether you’re representing a large corporation or you’re heading up a small business, you should be protecting your hard-earned cash in your quest to improve that bottom line.

There are plenty of copywriters out there who will frantically wave their arms around to get a gig, write you some mindless drivel, and then disappear once they’ve cashed your check. In that scenario, nobody wins. Ugh.

I consider it part of my job to ensure you have all the information you need to hire the best kind of copywriter for your project. And here’s the catch: it’s not always me.

Both the business and the writer thrives when they are an ideal match. How do we figure that out? Luckily, it’s pretty simple, and we can do it right now.

So, who do I collaborate with?

My niche encompasses cross-channel marketing copy for clothing, accessories, beauty, and home goods brands, all with an emphasis on (very) stylish living.
Over the years I’ve worked with every price point, from mass market to designer. I’m highly skilled at adapting each price point into an effective, appropriate voice.

More recently, my love of interior decor and chic home goods has inspired me to transfer my fashion copy skills over to the home goods market. (I mean, who doesn’t love a lush plush couch and stunning ombre drapes?) I’ve been working with some inspiring lifestyle brands lately too. So don’t be shy if you feel like we’d be the perfect fit.

One very important thing to note, however, is this:

I only work with brands that have established a clear target customer profile.

This isn’t to discourage newer brands or those who haven’t nailed their customer down. Rather, it is to reinforce my belief that you should not be hiring a copywriter until you have researched and confirmed this information. After all, effective copy starts with identifying the target customer.

As the saying goes, ”If you’re trying to speak to everyone, you’ll actually be speaking to no one.”

It is beneficial to have documentation of this profile, along with a solid positioning statement and some market research on your target segment. This will help kickstart our copy project with clarity and purpose. (Psst. If you need help distilling your customer profile and brand positioning into a sleek presentation, I can help you with that as well.)

That said, if you answer YES to the following questions, there’s a good chance we’ll be a dream team:

  • Do you have a fashion, beauty, or lifestyle business that sells products or services online?

  • Do you have a clear vision of your target customer, but can’t find the words to appeal to them?

  • Do you have amazing products to showcase, but not enough time to write about them?

  • Do you need engaging, fresh campaign language that inspires ”Add To Cart” clicks?

  • Do you need a colloquial, stylized voice to breathe life into your brand?

Are you nodding your head?

If so, fantastic! Let’s get in touch as soon as possible and speak further about your copy needs.

You can use the contact form to get things rolling, or send me an email at michelle.christina.larsen (at) gmail.com.

What it’s like to work with me:

There’s no place for mystery when it comes to collaboration. I like to be on the same page with my clients from day one. H
ere’s a taste of what it’s like to work with me, from start to finish:

  • Before I work with a brand, I like to jump on a phone or video call. This call helps me dive a bit deeper into your project. I’ll get a fuller sense of your brand, your values, and the kind of energy you want to infuse into your marketing. We’ll get specific about your product, past challenges you’ve had with copy, and any specific goals or initiatives on your plate.

  • After the call, we’ll confirm whether we’re an ideal fit… and then we’ll get down to details! I’ll ask to see any brand positioning documents you may have, including your style guide. I’ll also send you any follow-up questions from the call.

  • Next, we’ll scope out the project in full, confirm delivery dates and deadlines, arrive at our budget, and develop an attack plan. You’ll sign my simple client agreement, send the deposit, and work will begin.

  • During the process of writing and editing, I’ll be in touch with you regularly. You’ll receive a Google Drive link to the initial draft, and be able to comment directly on the document with feedback or schedule a call to walk through the document together.

  • During the review process, I request that clients and their teams gather feedback into one channel for me to receive. I generally work with one point of contact, appointed at the beginning of the project, to ensure communication remains clear and no wires get crossed.

  • Once we’re finished, a final copy doc will be delivered to you by your due date, I’ll send you the final invoice… and I’ll probably pour a glass of champagne at my desk to toast to your success!

Et voilà!

When all is said and done, you’ll have engaging copy that will check all your boxes and transform your marketing platforms into 24/7 sales machines. 

Naturally, there are more details to share if we decide to work together. I’d love to hear from you if you’ve reached the bottom of this page and feel like I’m the copywriter you’ve been waiting for.

Use the contact form or send me an email at michelle.christina.larsen (at) gmail.com.

In your message, be sure to include a few details about your project. I’ll be in touch quickly and we can continue the conversation.

Thank you!